(Network of Varma Families)

The Varma Network

The Varma Network is a family network of the Varma Families of Kerala. It developed from the simple concept of keeping contact with the family members spread throughout the world.

The network developed to communicate between close family spread out in different parts of the world, has grown into a large community. This site now registers over 1000 hits a week and ha s over three hundred members.

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This is a network of the family members. As any family site, it contains news about the family, a notice board for exchanging information etc. If you are a member of the family, join us for interesting news and contacts.

For others, this site will not prove to be of much interest other than the Articles and Associates section. Please browse the site and send us your comments.

About Us

The Varma's are a large family of ex-rulers of the state of Kerala in South India. Kerala was then divided into many small kingdoms. Most of these were ruled by the ancestors of the present day Varma families. With the advent of democracy in India, the Varmas joined the rulers in other states, to merge their kingdoms and form the Republic of India.

The last century saw a number of intermarriages between the families giving rise to the large Varma Family Network that we see today. Nobody has kept track of the entire Varma Family. It must now have several thousand members.

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